For COVID rules we have the following restrictions:

  • Prohibition of assembly;
  • Social distancing, minimum distance (1 meter) between people who do not travel together or are not part of the same family or group;
  • Mask requirement inside (in closed places), this rule should remain until mid-July and then removed but we should wait for the official laws on the matter;
  • Obligation to disinfect the hands when entering inside hotels, shops, restaurants, bars or other places;
  • Public bathrooms of the hotel currently not accessible;
  • Changing Room, Gym and Lobby shower currently not accessible;
  • Mostly self-service breakfast buffet but some dishes will have to be served by our staff;
  • Appropriate access to staggered groups of maximum 5/6 people at the Buffet;
  • In restaurant and at breakfast tables for a maximum of 2 people or more only if they are family members or cohabiting partners;
  • Mandatory mask and hand disinfection in the dining room (no mask required at the table)
  • Vegetable buffet for dinner at the moment not allowed, an extra course will be served at dinner, we are considering the possibility of reintroducing buffet but for the moment it is not possible due to Covid Rules restrictions;
  • Evening with live music currently FORBIDDEN, we can guarantee dinner in the garden but without live music and without dancing (these things are not allowed till end of July and maybe further);
  • Swimming pool accessible in respect of the distance between people (beds 1.5 meters)


All rules are subject to change and we are experiencing a relaxation of all the restrictions in the last month. About every week something more is granted and now life here is almost normal.

In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have adjusted and improved our cleaning and hygiene protocols so that we can offer you a safe stay in an even safer and cleaner environment.